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Pinterest... Friend or Foe?

by Valerie DiVecchio 1. July 2014 10:05
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Pinterest is all the craze these days - especially when it comes to wedding or party planning.  The concept behind Pinterest is brillant.  There are thousands and thousands of pictures to shift through giving you unique and different ideas and for that it's a friend.  However, like every social media site there can be some cons.

It used to only be magazines that event planners had to educate clients on another brillant invention called PhotoShop.  In today's world of digital photography, it could be a gray, rainy day, but in the pictures it's all rainbows and sunshine.  As I say, you can slap a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn, but it's still just a horse with a horn!  Well, PhotoShop has made it's way onto the internet (I mean, hey, if you can get a headshot at the age of 40 and have it look like you have no wrinkles, why not!  Just sayin'...).  And some of those pictures on Pinterest have been touched up or refreshed.  So it's back to educating we go... yes, that's doable, however, that absolute perfect shade of pink you see in the picture may vary somewhat in your flowers because Mother Nature doesn't work with PhotoShop!

Another other downside depends on an individual's personality style.  Let's say you have this vision in your head of what your perfect wedding day looks like and then go on Pinterest and your vision starts to change.... and so does your budget, and it's generally not in your pocketbook's favor.  Or you meet with your florist and design out the entire layout of your arrangements then you see something on Pinterest that completely changes your mind and you start from scratch again.  Here's my word of advice if you tend to be a little indecisive at times... go on Pinterest before you meet with your vendors, print pics for inspiration (which are fantastic for any designer!), be clear about the look you're going for (yet be flexible in case you pick something that's way out of your budget so you can select an alternative) and then don't go back to Pinterest until after your event is over!

So don't get me wrong, there is definite value in Pinterest and any other social media site, but like everything, use it in moderation and don't believe immediately everything you see.  And when you see that floral arrangement that's black in color, and you think to yourself... that's kind of cool, could that be real?  Hear my voice whisper.... no.....


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