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5 More Mistakes in Wedding Planning

by Valerie DiVecchio 24. May 2012 17:03
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So was last week's blog about the top 5 mistakes or are these mistakes the top 5?  Hard to tell because they all can lead to an awful wedding planning experience!  Read on to learn how to avoid these pitfalls so that you make it to down the aisle calm, cool and collected!

Continuing on with Nina Callaway's top 10 mistakes with Events by Divine Creations two cents thrown in:

Mistake #6 - This one has to do with knowing your budgetary limits and constrains.  I know that we already mentioned this one before, but at Events by Divine Creations, we understand why she put it in there twice.  I've experienced some awkward moments with couples sitting in front of me arguing about money.  Save your sanity (and mine) and know what you are willing to spend up front and stick to it... unless of course you win the lottery while planning your big day!

Mistake #7 - This mistake involves the consumption of alcohol.  Many couples tend to spend the night prior to their weddings out drinking and getting trashed.  They wake on their wedding day with puffy skin, headache or worse not being able to enjoy their big day.  At Events by Divine Creations we always recommend that the bachelor/ bachelorette parties be many weeks before the wedding.  As for the rehearsal dinner, I always make sure that couples and their attendants understand what can happen if they party too hard the night before (or for goodness sake, the afternoon of the wedding day - eek!).  I've seen groomsmen pass out during a wedding ceremony before (that's when I added smelling salts to my emergency kit...).  If you're going to drink, that's perfectly fine, but alternate it with water.  Watching yourself stumble and slur on your wedding video doesn't create great memories! 

Mistake #8 - Not taking others into consideration during the ceremony and celebrations afterwards.  It is worth remembering that although it is your big day you are also the hosts and you need to show your guests your appreciation in taking the time to come celebrate with you.  Okay, here I need to disagree a little bit with Ms. Callaway.  Yes, your guests might have travel great distance to come celebrate or taken time off work or bought you an expensive gift, but I have rarely seen 100+ people gather together and everyone be satisified.  Music's too loud, DJ talks too much, seated in the back of the room, seated at the same table with Aunt Susie who they can't stand... the list goes on and on.  Be gracious and be conscientious, but it will turn your hair gray to try and make all of your guests happy.  Most important thing is that the two of you are happy!

Mistake #9 - Not involving your future husband.  Make sure to set aside a meeting time and you’ll be surprised to find that you can brainstorm on many ideas together and support each other during this crucial period.  We see a lot of future husbands participate in meetings at Events by Divine Creations.  There are some real troopers who will smile through a two hour meeting about flowers, but most are concerned about 3 things - food, bar and entertainment.  Let them make a few decisions.  It will actually help take the load off the bride who 95% of the time is juggling the entire planning on her own...  unless of course she hired us!

And Mistake #10 - This one is losing perspective.  Many people get bogged down in the small details and neglect the important issues. Make sure to focus on the big issues.  At Events by Divine Creations, I say to my clients... "you can plan and plan, but sometimes life happens".  If you are so focused on whether the cocktail napkin is the right shade of pink or the band leader forgot to have your father-in-law speak at the right time during the reception, you are going to ruin your night.  All you will remember is the stress and anger that things didn't go your way.  Never lose perspective that you are marrying the person that you love and starting a new life together - that's the most important thing.

19% of all marriages end in divorce within their first  year or never make it to the alter at all.  At Events by Divine Creations we can help break the planning process into bite-size, manageable pieces thus giving couples time to prepare for a successful marriage and not just their wedding day.  The best way to avoid all of these mistakes?  Hire a professional event planner that you can work with to guide you through all of these issues.  You will spare yourself a lot of drama, frustrations, and stress and find the time to enjoy your big day to the fullest. 

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