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The Joys of Live Television

by Valerie DiVecchio 2. June 2009 20:55
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As I blogged a few days ago, I was on Fox 13 Good Day Tampa Bay yesterday morning.  Knowing that it was being televised live, the "normal" thoughts go though your head before heading out on the set... what if I trip and fall or open my mouth and nothing comes out; you know, the stereotypical live television things that you see on, well television, and kind of chuckle at while sitting comfortably on the couch in the privacy of your own home.  Of course, then there are those unexpected things that can happen that just don't even cross your mind... like the anchor's microphone suddenly stops working.

Good news is that I didn't fall and the words came out of my mouth just fine.  Bad news is that the anchor's microphone suddenly stopped working.  So the segment started right after a commercial break and there was the music to the "Wedding March" and then Ann Dwyer started to speak.  Of course it sounded fine to me, but then again, I was sitting right next to her.  Unbeknownst to either of us, those of you watching at home saw her lips moving, but heard nothing.  Fortunately it only lasted a couple of sentences.  So Ann introduced me and dived into her first question about ways you can save when looking for a wedding dress.  As I started to answer, the camera person walked over and told Ann that she needed to change out the battery on her microphone.  So needless to say, there were some distractions.  Fortunately I was able to stay fairly focused and answer the question (I can't really remember what I even said!), but unfortunately it was taking a while to change the battery.  So Ann, being the professional that she is, explained that they were having some technical difficulties and asked me to hang on a minute.  It was probably about 10-15 seconds of silence (which felt like 10-15 minutes!) and then Ann continued on with the interview and let the camera person continue to mess around with the microphone. 

Fortunately the rest of the interview went very well and Ann was absolutely wonderful when it was all over.  She apologized about the microphone mishap and commented on how well I did.  As a matter of fact, the producer called me and read me a message she sent him after the show.  It read "the wedding planner was goood (he stressed there were three o's!), very informative and calm even during the microphone disaster".  I appreciate her kind words, and actually what she said was very meaningful to me.  No matter what's going on around you, during an event or on live television, a professional planner has to take everything in stride and run with it.  It may have been a rocky start - which by the way has NEVER happened before during a segment... lucky me! - but the ultimate outcome was fantastic.  I'm glad I did my profession proud!



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