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by Valerie DiVecchio 15. November 2008 09:17
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I had the pleasure of coordinating Ali and Helena's wedding at the Don CeSar recently.  Two talented and dedicated physicians who truly respect and love each other.   The weather was beautiful, the setting divine and the bride was relaxed and glowing.  The ceremony went off without a hitch.  After the ceremony, guests were escorted to the cocktail hour and the bridal party remained in the courtyard for pictures.  Ali and Helena couldn't wait to get to the beach for sunset pictures, but also wanted some formal shots on the staircase.  Almost to the end of the formal pictures, Helena was doing a couple of solo bridal shots with her train and cathedral length veil cascading down the stairs.  And then it happened... a bird pooped on her dress.  Myself and the bridesmaids all rushed over to clean it off and with a few paper towels and white chalk from my emergency kit, the dress looked like new again.  Being in this industry for many years now, I know that some brides would have stressed out and had a melt down over something like this.  Not Helena, she laughed and said "they say it's good luck when this happens!".  IMG_1756

So off to the beach we went for sunset pictures.  And then it happened again.  It had not rained at all that day and as the sun was setting, a perfect rainbow formed directly over the hotel.  It was amazing.  With all of the good luck charms Helena and Ali were having, I thought about running over and checking for a pot of gold!  Helena was absolutely delighted by the rainbow, as were we all.  Reflecting on what happened in the course of an hour, I realized that had Helena not reacted the way that she did with the bird "situation", she may never had seen her rainbow.

So the moral of the story is... on your wedding day, you can't control everything - especially nature - so find the positive in everything that makes your day yours.  Those are the things that you will remember forever and make the best stories to tell your future kids!  


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