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The Perfect Height

by Valerie DiVecchio 22. May 2009 15:47
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When picking out a wedding cake, it is much like picking out a work of art.  That cake will be in the spotlight, as well as MANY of your photographs.  But how tall is too tall and how short is too short?

General rule of thumb is that if your venue has a high ceiling, you can have height on your cake as well, but only if you have enough people so that the number of servings is proportionate.  Obviously, you don't want a six tier wedding cake if you only have 100 guests... unless you want to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner until your first anniversary!  Any great bakery can tell you how many servings each tier feeds, and if you want to add height, but not necessarily an enormous amount of cake, consider placing fresh flowers in between each layer.  You can also have a topper that adds some height, as well as a cake riser. 

Now let's say you are having a small to medium sized wedding reception, or that your venue has normal height ceilings where a tall cake would look awkward.  You may only need two or three tiers on the cake (assuming that you plan to keep and freeze the top tier).  This is perfectly fine too.  There is one very important thing to consider if you or your fiance(e) is tall however.  Make sure that your cake is place at least as high as your line of sight.  A cake riser is a great solution here as well.  What you want to avoid is all of the pictures being taken of the top of your head as you cut the cake.  This way the camera catches your smiling faces instead!

Here are some examples of cakes from weddings I have planned:


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