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Myth Buster!

by Valerie DiVecchio 10. July 2014 08:43
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As a professional event planner, I hear people talk about their preceptions around events, especially the cost of items.  I get it... planning events can be costly.  But if you're going in with something that you believe is true when in fact it's it the opposite, it can be a costly mistake.  So I decided that one of the things I can do to help you is bust the myths!

One of the biggest myths I hear people say all the time is that a buffet is less expensive than a plated dinner.  In fact, unless you're serving filet mignon and lobster for the plated meal and chicken wings and mac and cheese on the buffet, the opposite is true.  While it does help cut costs on your service personnel (and by only maybe one or two servers), what people do not count into the equation is that more food needs to be prepared for a buffet than a plated meal.  Why?  Because in a buffet you have people who will go up for seconds and maybe even thirds!  More food = more money.

So if you're set on serving a chicken entree and a seafood entree, you would be better to go with a duo plated dinner than a buffet cost-wise.  And when planning a fabulous event, we all know it comes does to dollars and sense... so here's hoping this makes sense and helps to bust the myth!

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