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Have a Good Hair Day!

by Valerie DiVecchio 23. September 2014 12:40
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Wedding season is upon us once again!  Here in Florida, summer is our off-season because it's so hot and humid and the potential threat of hurricanes is higher earlier in the season.  Now, just because it's not technically "summer" as we make our way into October, let's face it, it's still hot and humid in the Sunshine State.  And for some, another way to say hot and humid is frizzy hair and melting make-up! So that leads us to ask... what is a bride to do to keep her fabulous locks in place and her face picture perfect on her wedding day?

I recently asked Jacklyn Wheeler, owner of Salon Posh who specializes in helping brides look their best on their wedding day, if there is a trend or "best practice" for brides this time of year.  Jacklyn said, "in the summer, Brides tend to like their hair down and flowing for the beach weddings. If they're towards the evening this is great and it looks beautiful! If its during the day we try and convince them to put it up because of the heat".  Makes total sense... who wants sweat running down the back of their wedding dress?!  As far as make-up, brides tend to like to keep it natural.  At Salon Posh, they work hard to enhance their good features and hide the not so good features (be honest... we all have them!) by using highlighters and contouring creams.

So that brings me to question whether having your hair and make-up done professionally on your wedding day is important.  Both hair and make-up experts and photographers say a resounding YES!  In fact, some photographers include in their contracts that their clients must have their hair and make-up styled professionally.  Jacklyn stated "as professionals we realize the difference [between] professional make-up and drug store brands.  What we use lasts a lot longer and is a lot less likely to absord into the skin".  And speaking to why it's important to photographers for this to be professionally done, according to Jacklyn "we also know that when it comes to photos, make-up needs to be applied heavier so they don't look washed out.  As for their hair, our hair spray will hold better and add more shine without looking caked on". 

My two cents.... totally worth the cost of having your hair and make-up professionally done; afterall, your wedding day pictures will last a lifetime and you want your kids and grandkids saying you looked hot - but the good kind of hot!  I definitely recommend doing a trial run so that you can figure out your likes and dislikes prior to the wedding day when stress and emotions tend to run higher.  This way there are no surprises (and if you need proof, ask to see my senior prom photo... it gives "cone head" a new meaning...). Jacklyn recommends doing this a month prior to the wedding and she generally blocks out a two hour slot.

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