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A Date to Remember

by Valerie DiVecchio 7. November 2013 09:40
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I know what you're thinking... no, Valerie, it's A DAY to Remember.  Well, I'm actually looking at it a little differently. 

You might have been hearing lately that next Tuesday is going to be a big day for weddings.  Generally speaking, not a ton of weddings happen on a Tuesday.  The date of next Tuesday however is November 12, 2013.... get it... 11/12/13.  Ever since 2007 when 7/7/07 became "the" wedding day - even for celebrities like Eva Longoria - the industry has seen a spike in consecutive days.  Some people think that it is a sign of good luck and for others its hopefully a sign that your fiance will never forget your anniversary!

If you love the idea of being married on a consecutive date and have no plans to get married next Tuesday, never fear there is one more date left for this century... 12/13/14.  And a huge bonus, it falls on a Saturday!! It's going to be the hottest wedding day next year!  If that appeals to you, be warned... you need to start planning like yesterday and first step is to hire the wedding planner who gave you this idea!


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