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Events by Divine Creations

Corporate Events That Motivate Employees

by Valerie DiVecchio 7. June 2012 16:19
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Are you the one who hates to hear those 5 dreaded words come out of your boss's mouth... "Wanna plan the holiday party?"?  Well, here comes Divine Creations to the rescue!  From holiday parties to company retreats to customer appreciation days, we have some tips to help you shine and maybe even get that promotion you've been eyeing!

Money talks!  Before doing anything, find out what the budget is and an estimated headcount.  Are spouses or significant others going to be invited?  How about children?  The more people, the higher the costs because that's more food, more drinks, more tables which equal more linens, centerpieces... well, you get the picture.  You may plan the perfect party, but the boss won't be happy if you go over budget!

Location, location, location.  That's right... it's not just for real estate anymore.  Selecting the right location can make or break your party.  Before you pick a venue there are a couple of things to consider: what type of atmosphere are you wanting to create - elegant or festive?  Do you what to have a theme?  Is it more suited for a hotel ballroom or an outdoor attraction?  Does the senior management want to be able to address the guests or is it more of a mix and mingle?  All of these answers are going to help drive you to booking the right location.

Hire the right vendors.  Believe it or not, not everything you read on-line is true (except for this blog - it's all true!).  Anyone can pay to put up a good looking website, but are they qualified to cater your event or provide the type of entertainment you desire?  You definitely want to thoroughly research your vendor options.  How much experience do they have?  Do they have the proper licenses and insurance?  Ask for references - particularly corporate references.  It might not be as relevant if you speak to a bride.

Hire a professional to help you.  It's a common misperception that hiring an event planner is expensive.  In fact, 9 times out of 10 I save my clients' more money than what it costs to hire me.  By hiring a professional, you can convey your objectives and your vision and let the professional find all of the right pieces to put together to make that vision come to life.  I always chuckle when I think about a client (a large international Fortune 500 company with hundreds of employees and numerous offices) who hired me to plan their company holiday party because they had a profitable year and could "afford to spend a little more" by hiring me.  When all was said and done, I was actually able to save them $50,000 from what they spent the previous year and create a winter wonderland that kept their employees talking year round!

So when you hear those 5 dreaded words this year, you can smile instead of cringing because you have a secret weapon to help plan it all, within budget and make everyone happy, including the boss... that secret weapon is Events by Divine Creations!  Let us help you be a guest at your own event!

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