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Events by Divine Creations

Cooler Florida Weather = Outdoor Dinner Parties!

by Valerie DiVecchio 22. September 2010 21:06
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So I blog a good deal about weddings, but why should they have all the fun?  We live in paradise and Mother Nature has blessed us with a beautiful, natural backdrop for great parties.  Whether it's a dinner party with friends, holiday party for your neighbors or even a brunch with the extended family, your backyard offers a fabulous setting.

Often times people think that outdoor events equals eating off of paper plates and inhaling the scent of citronella.  Don't be afraid of using real linens and your good dishes, glasses and silverware.  String up some paper lanterns to create a soft, beautiful ambience, and add to the elegance with some candlelight.  Reception style food helps to create a mix-and-mingle atmosphere.  Use smaller plates and bite sized hors d'oeuvres so your guests are free to roam.

Concerned about the mosquitos?  Hire a pest control company to treat your yard.  Some companies have the ability to create a barrier that help to keep those blood suckers out.

The Fall 2010 edition of Get Married Magazine has an article called "Host Your Own Fresh Garden Party" that offers some great tidbits on how to add some finesse to your outdoor party:

  • Personalized napkins add a special touch by including your theme and color;
  • Hang tiny favor boxes from tree-shaped stands;
  • Home baked goodies are a great parting gift for guests.  Wrap them in cellophane bags to keep them safe from bugs;
  • Personalize your vase with a monogrammed initial;
  • Personalize beautiful glass champagne flutes with a ribbon and tag to prevent drink mix-ups;
  • One favor box color totally dressed up with different ribbons and tags add dimension to any table; and
  • Add a homegrown touch with mini buckets filled with fruit from your citrus trees or a local farmer's market.

It's your own yard - there is nothing more personal than that.  It's a great place to let your creativity shine and make it your own!

Welcome to the Army!

by Valerie DiVecchio 1. September 2010 19:23
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A very special couple was wed in a very special ceremony on February 20th at the Don Vicente Historic Inn in Ybor City.  Eric is an officer in the United States Army currently stationed at MacDill.  I call it a very special ceremony, not just because two great people found love and happiness, but also because at the conclusion of the ceremony there was a sword ceremony.  I've only witnessed one other before a long time ago and it always left an impression on me.  Seeing one up close and personal was really cool.

As Eric and Susan were pronounced husband and wife, they headed down the aisle together and came to uniformed officers lined up on both sides.  Swords were raised, but then lowered as the passage through came with a price... a kiss.  They were almost to the end when the last officer in line lowered his sword as Susan walked by and swatted her on the bum saying "Welcome to the Army, Mrs. Larsen".  The entire room - including the bride and groom - burst out in laughter. 

It was definitely a lasting impression and one that puts a smile on my face every time I think of their special day.  One of the best welcomes I've witnessed in a long time!

Special thanks to Phillip Lloyd for capturing these great shots!


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