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Events by Divine Creations

HealthCare Symposium a Big Success!!

by Valerie DiVecchio 30. March 2009 13:04
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I am pleased to report that the Symposium was a huge success!  I'm so delighted with how the entire day went that my aching feet are well worth it!!  Over 1500 people attended and everyone from the attendees to the volunteers to the exhibitors were highly complimentary.  And most importantly, my client was happy and that's what matters most to me!

There were several highlights to the day, but I have to say that the keynote address was very impactful.  I have been planning this event for four years now and the one thing that I love about it is that I always learn something new.  This year during the general session, several people spoke about their own health care scares.  Heather Van Nest, co-anchor of the 10 Connects News, spoke on "putting yourself at the top of your to-do list".  I am one of those people with a lengthy to-do list and this week I skimmed down it and low and behold, I'm not listed anywhere!  So as I soaked in a long, hot bubble bath after the conclusion of the event, I decided that I'm going to add at least one line on that list that makes me a priority.  Of course now that I've added finding a dermotologist for a full body scan to the list, I'm not exactly crazy about it.  So I'll just stay positive and hope that those days when I was a teenager and thought baby oil was sunscreen, don't come back and bite me! 

Women's Healthcare Symposium Tomorrow!

by Valerie DiVecchio 20. March 2009 16:36
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Earlier this week wrote about a great community event happening on Saturday, March 21st at the Tampa Convention Center.  It's called the Focus on Females Women's Healthcare Symposium.  In its 4th year, we have pre-registered over 1,300 people to attend as of this afternoon!  It's a great opportunity to attend seminars on 21 different topics... everything from fertility to menopause, diabetes to allergies and nutrition to sleep disorders - just to name a few!

Pre-registration is now closed, but you can still attend as a walk-up registrant by coming to the Convention Center (333 S. Franklin Street, downtown Tampa) tomorrow.  Doors open to the public at 7:30 a.m., but you can come anytime - great things will be happening throughout the entire day.  Look for me in the hot pink Focus on Females shirt because I want to talk to you!

Thank You Etiquette

by Valerie DiVecchio 17. March 2009 18:03
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As money gets a little tighter, more people are opting to invite friends over for dinner rather than going out to a restaurant.  It's actually more intimate, easier to talk and quite frankly can be even more fun!  If you have been invited to someone else's home for dinner, there are a few things you can do to be a great guest.

First, and it may seem simple, but RSVP!  Sometimes people get an invitation and they mean to call or send a reply, but times goes by and one can forget.  Best to reply as soon as you receive the invitation so that doesn't happen.  Second, it's always nice to bring a small gift... bottle of wine in a cute bag, set of coasters, wine stopper, some stationary - just a small thank you for the host or hostess.  It doesn't have to cost a lot, but it shows your gratitude.  They have put some time and money into preparing for the evening so arriving with a gift shows your appreciation.  And lastly, after the evening has come and gone, send a thank you note (handwritten via the mail is more personal than e-mail).  Best to send the note within a couple of days of the dinner.

At Divine Creations we understand the importance of showing one's appreciation all the while looking out for your wallet.  We have some great items that are very appropriate as thank you gifts and can be mixed and matched to suit your host/ hostess's style.  A wide variety of these gifts are under $5 each!  And mention that you read about these gifts in our blog and we'll give you a 5% discount.  Just my little way of saying thank you for reading!

Health Care Event Happening This Weekend

by Valerie DiVecchio 15. March 2009 15:03
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Have you heard the buzz about Focus on Females?  It's a women's healthcare symposium in its fourth year that is free and open to the public.  That's right, on Saturday, March 21st at the Tampa Convention Center, there will be 21 different seminars about a wide range of women's health topics all presented by local, area physicians who speak in plain English, provide practical, relevant and ready-to-use health information and even give you a chance to ask your questions.  There are also health screenings, fitness class demonstrations and chair massages - all FREE! This event has proven to have immediate impact, save lives and protect families.  You can register on-line at

Oh, and I heard the event planner is AWESOME!  Guess who?  Come by and say hi!

Elton or Billy?

by Valerie DiVecchio 9. March 2009 17:29
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Last week my husband and I went to the Face to Face Tour where Elton John and Billy Joel performed.  We have seen them before and it truly is a great concert.  It is interesting looking at the concert through an event planner's eyes though. 

They came out together for the first set and then Billy Joel left and Elton John took the stage first.  He's got a great voice, but the one thing that I noticed was that the music was extremely loud.  I felt like I wandered into a Metallica concert by mistake!  There were crazy lights shining right into the audience too; you could visibly see people squinting and shielding their eyes.  In any type of event, you want to ensure that your guests are comfortable and engaged.  Elton's music is a little more low-key and the volume and lighting didn't seem to mesh with his style.  He sat at his piano the entire concert and didn't interact with the audience that much.

Now, on the other hand, Billy Joel came out with high energy, but the volume was in check and so was the lighting.  His piano rotated so that all sides of the audience could see him and he was making jokes all over the place.  He was up and out of his seat more than half the time and when you looked around so was the audience.  People were dancing and singing along and the energy went up ten fold in the place.

Moral of the story is that as the host of an event, your guests will feed off of your energy.  If you want your event to be high energy, you need to be high energy.  Maybe not as high energy as Billy Joel who started spanking himself excessively at one point, but you get the picture.  And if you want it to be more of a low-key evening, make sure the ambiance that you are creating matches.

It's Been A While...

by Valerie DiVecchio 5. March 2009 14:18
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Why does that title feel like deja vu?  I can't believe how time just flies by... between the holidays, then the Super Bowl and then Gasparilla, I'm just now coming up for air!!  It has been a couple of crazy past few months, but now things are calming down.  The tourists and Hollywood celebrities have left Tampa (you have to admit it was kind of exciting!) and all of us locals are getting back to normal.  And for me that means blogging! 

I don't normally make New Year resolutions because they are usually broken by January 2nd.  I believe that if you're going to try to commit to doing something why wait until the beginning of a new year?  Your new year can begin whenever you want!  So my new year (albeit in March!) resolution is going to be getting back to blogging and try to do it more often.  I really do enjoy it so it shouldn't be that much of a challenge.  Here's hoping that this "new year's" resolution will stick!  I guess only time will tell...

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